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Canterbury Circle of Libraries

About the Circle

The Canterbury Circle of Libraries was founded in the 1960s and was one of the earliest co-operative groups of Libraries in the country. Members include University, College, School, Public and Special libraries in the Canterbury area.

The Librarians of these institutions meet approximately twice a year as a committee. The emphasis of these meetings is on exchanging information and strengthening the links between the Libraries through visits to member Libraries and shared training events for library staff. The Circle organises joint activities which are open to all staff. (ICE)

A system of inter-lending between the Libraries is in place and any library member wishing to use this facility should check with their own Library first as regulations may differ.

At the present time there are some 16 libraries in the Canterbury Circle, as listed below. You can find out more information about each of these libraries by clicking on the text.

The chair of the Canterbury Circle of Librarians for 2011-12 is Veronique Milot, Librarian at Barton Court Grammar School. The post of Circle Secretary is held by Daren Kearl, Librarian at Kent Libraries and Archives.

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